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By Queens Gaming - Sun, Nov 28, 21

48% of people who game identify as female or femme.

If a vast majority of the demographic playing video games identify as such, then why don’t communities reflect that? It’s no secret that the gaming space is male-dominated in terms of who companies cater to and leadership. 

However at Queens Gaming Collective, we believe that the future of gaming can and will be inclusive to all gender identities. Until then, dedicated spaces for marginalized identities are crucial in the gaming space. Everyone deserves a space where they can feel that they are supported, valid, and belong. 

Interested in finding a space to connect with other women who enjoy games? Here are some communities we recommend checking out.



Brown Girl Gamer Code

Brown Girl Gamer Code is a  digital safe space for black women and women of color to share their love and passion for gaming. Their mission is to broaden the scope of representation and destroy the toxic culture in the video game world. Their past events included bringing the Apex Legends Academy where members got to learn tips from experts in the game.




Although relatively new, Raidiant is off to a great start for creating a space for women to share their love of esports. On their website, you can already find educational, social and competitive resources related to esports. It’s exciting to see what amazing events will come from Raidiant. 



1000 Dreams Fund

1000 Dreams Fund is a non--profit organization that has several different grant and scholarishop programs including ones dedicated to Twitch streamers and one for women wanting to go into tech. 1DF also has a thriving Discord community with game nights and more. 


Black Girl Gamers

Black Girl Gamers is dedicated to being a space and community for black women to support each other while gaming. Starting off as a Facebook group, BGG has evolved into so much more catering to casual gamers and content creators alike. 



These are a few of our QGC favorites but there are so many more out there that exist. You can also join the Queens Gaming Collective community by signing up for our newsletter or joining our Discord. We wish you all many amazing games with your future gaming friends!



With Love,

Queens Gaming Collective

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