10 Amazing Women You Should Be Following ASAP

By Queens Gaming - Fri, Apr 01, 22

1.  MiladyConfetti


MiladyConfetti is a Twitch Partner who brings together her love for cosplay, content creation, gaming, and all around nerdiness in one place. MiladyConfetti is a Dead By Daylight Fog Whisperer, Twilight Cleric, and Founder of the Sistas of the Fog - a community for Black women, femmes, and non-binary content creators who love Dead By Daylight and horror.


2.  ChelseaBytes

Chelsea Bytes

Chelsea is a content creator and computer scientist that shares her passion for tech and PC building with her community. Chelsea is also a host for Amazon’s Crown Channel and The Walking Dead’s FearHQ.


3.  TattedPoodle

Tatted Poodle

TattedPoodle is a self-taught creator of 7+ years with her content ranging from cosplays to competitive gameplay and much more. Tatted mains FPS games but also brings in the spice of anime to her content.


4.  Wemakeup_steam


Makeup is a college student, collegiate esports media and outreach coordinator, variety streamer, and beauty entrepreneur. As a S.T.E.A.M. advocate - Makeup mixes her love for gaming, esports, and content creation on her streams and through her Black is Legendary Apex tournament!


5.  Ebonix


Ebonix is a content creator from the UK, well known for creating custom content for The Sims 4 with a focus on ensuring there are diverse options so no gamer is left to feel unseen. Ebonix is a Twitch Partner and EA Game Changer, with a focus on bringing good vibes and love to empower others to be true to themselves.

6.  Asieybarbie


asieybarbie is a self-taught illustrator who specializes in digital concept art and character art, but also streams on Twitch. asieybarbie enjoys illustrating beautiful melanated women!


7.  Mojo97


Mojo is a freelance illustrator and content creator with a focus on illustration and emotes. If you check out Mojo’s channel you are sure to find content centered around art, makeup and beauty, and gaming. Creative makeup looks, cosplaying, and her latest creations are some of her favorite ways to explore her interests and passion.


8.  Suspenders


Suspenders is a Black Girl with a self-proclaimed princess complex who dedicates her time to illustrating and creating content across a variety of platforms. From collaborating with streamers to create the perfect emote to co-streams, videos, and podcasts - suspenders does it all!

9.  Meganlenius

Megan Lenius

Megan Lenius is a Singer Songwriter, Musician, Twitch Ambassador and Partner. Megan has been a practicing musician since she was 6 years old, playing guitar and piano throughout school. Megan fueled her love for music with streaming and began her platform on Twitch in early 2017 and hasn’t looked back since!


10.  Ashlinaa


Ashlina is a variety content creator on Twitch who streams anything and everything, but focuses most importantly on video games and charity fundraising. Additionally, Ashlina tries her best to advocate for all marginalized groups within the gaming community, but especially those a part of the Latinx/Hispanic and chronically ill/disabled communities (ones she is a part of). Ashlina recently founded Café Cultivar, a Latinx/Hispanic Twitch team cultivating a space for community, change & charity. Café Cultivar is a safe space for Latinx/Hispanic content creators where they are able to cultivate a community & elevate their collective voices to bring forth change.

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